Monday, March 17, 2003

Hey folks, long time no update. But don't think that means I haven't been working! ;)

I've grown more & more unsatisfied with the way I've been doing Lobo's hair, so lately I've been working on better ways to do it so:
a) it doesn't take as long
b) it's not as much of a pain to do
c) it looks better & truer to the char, while remaining Capcom-ish
When I get it the way I like it, I'll redo all the existing anims on his WIP page, and add a few more.

Thanks and greets go out to the crew over at the DC vs Marvel forum, Warmachine Madness (see the link over here --->). WarmachineX and Bugsy suggested a few alternate Capcom bases that should be compatible with Birdie, so I can roll up my sleeves and do a little Frankenspriting, and get some more flexibility in the Main Man's attacks. I'm workin on his forward walk anim at the moment, and am almost to the point where I think an Alpha release may happen!

An Alpha, for those of you who don't know, is like a VERY early preview release, limited in its circulation. IN this case I'll be releasing it only to DCvsMarvel project members, mainly for feedback and such on smoothness of anims, sounds, etc. It'll include:
* Stance / Forward walk / Backward walk / crouch / turn
* 3 basic punches
* 3 basic kicks
* Some jump frames (but most likely not all the jump attacks)

If all goes well, you project members can look for this release around the end of the month (but *which* month? I'm not telling. >:) ).

So anyway, look for animation updates soonly, and until then, be excellent to each other!


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