Saturday, April 26, 2003

Wow, where to begin? I'm here at our new home in North Carolina now, settling in a bit. Three rooms of the house are still full of boxes and such, but we made it. :)
I've done quite a bit with this site. I'll list the changes, going from minor to major:
  1. Tweaked various text around various pages, to make things a bit clearer where necessary.

  2. Changed the color schemes on the stages, add-ons, & Lobo WIP pages.

  3. Finally got around to doing a nicer logo for the add-ons page.

  4. Made the logo & background on the WIP page slightly cooler (see if you can figure out where the logo ends and the background begins! Whee!

  5. Moved the site to a different server (again)-- when we moved, we had to change ISPs. I may have one final move to make in a few days, if I decide it's necessary.

  6. Tweaked the layout of Lobo's WIP page a bit

  7. New animations for Lobo: he's got all 6 basic punches & kicks now! Just a few more frames & he'll be ready for an Alpha release!

  8. New WIP pages up for Green Lantern & Parasite! Check'em out!

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