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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Gee whiz, time goes by more quickly than you'd expect it to. Lots of stuff has happened since last post here (remember, Warmachine Madness forums are much more active when it comes to finding out what I'm doing ;)).

Lobo: Main Men and Mr. Hook are done. Working on his Frag! special, but it still needs to be balanced. When the air version if done, I'll be releasing Beta 1. Not long now. Also, this Lobo the Duck sprite was done for a sprite contest over at Warmachine Madness, but it's the basis for the Amalgam hyper Lobo's going to eventually have (except it might not be a proton cannon by that point)

Ice, Parasite, & Green Lantern: Actually I haven't worked on them since last update, but they're coming to the top in the pile of WIPs that I have on my plate now... I'm afraid I've taken on a bit more than I should have at once. :-
Marrow's nearly done. Just have to clean up the nasty sprites from the Bone Buster & Stinger Bones hypers, and fix the programming of the Ricochet Slash and Ride & Slash specials (both are off a bit). She'll very likely be my next release.

Guido: He's coming along rather nicely. Has a few specials & hypers now, McCready's working on a few more and he'll be done. Maybe in a few months...

Silver Surfer: X-Boy, the guy who's Human Torch WIP I'm programming for the Fantastic Four Project, has sent me a slew of cool Silver Surfer sprites, so I've started putting him together too (Torch is on hold, by the way, until Surfer is done). I've got his standing basics done, and have sprites for most of his gethits, crouching & air basics, so they'll be coming up soon too.

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