Guess I owe everyone an update...

Friday, March 04, 2005

I've been busy with a bunch of stuff, some MUGEN related and a lot of them not. But so you know that there IS progress in my WIPs, I wanted to give you all a "State of the WIPs" update.

Basics are all re-done with shinguards, thanks to Magus's help.
Voice is more or less done.
I'm re-editing the sprites for his Hook and Frag specials; they weren't very good. :|

I feel like she's so close to being finished that it's hard not to just release her now as-is... but there are still a few things she needs added. Magus just sent me a load of new sprites for her (things like a recovery roll and alpha counter), and she still needs a few sprites to finish her Amalgam attack, but she's most likely going to be my next release.
Her voice is also more or less done, thanks to some donated stuff from Loganir. :)

Green Lantern
If you've been visiting my site for very long at all you know that this guy's been on my "TO DO" list for pretty much my entire public MUGEN career. Well, thanks to my friend Enzo, he may someday soon become a reality... Enzo's sprite editing skills have increased TREMENDOUSLY over the past few months, and he has volunteered to help sprite a bunch (most?) of GL's stuff, so that the char actually gets done (what an amazing concept :-p). He's done a great job so far in making the new sprites fit the style that PrimeOp did so well in the sprites that HE finished, it should be seamless. I hope to post more here soon.

Somebody has finally figured out the ArtMoney tables for Marvel vs Capcom 2, so a full sprite sheet of Marrow has finally been released. With that, I'll finally be able to go back and add in the stuff that my old WIP was missing... but there are still some pretty major programming bugs that I need to find and correct before she sees release... and somebody out there just might beat me to it, if I don't hurry. :-P

Silver Surfer
X-Boy recently sent me some new stuff he's working on, but it's not ready for me to add yet. Maybe I'll update this soon.

So I guess the theme of this update is, "I get by with a little help from my friends." Every single WIP I'm actively working on has had other people involved as well. Guess I just work better in groups. ;)

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