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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I updated Ice over the weekend with a small sprite patch, so she fit in to normal MUGEN screenpacks... the initial release contained stuff that was specific to the DCvsMarvel game screenpack (which will be released with the project beta, hopefully in Q1 or Q2 2006). I still have some tweaks I want to do before I can call her finalized; if you have comments, feel free to weigh in over at the DC vs Marvel forum.

Also revamped the characters page somewhat, to better reflect what's in beta, what's released, and what's still just a WIP. I'm not 100% satisfied with it (I would need 1 more DC character WIP for the whole thing to fit together properly as is =P), but it's better than it was, I think.

You'll notice new screenshots in just about every character section, except Silver Surfer & Hal Jordan. Those will come in time... progress is being made, but due to sprite theft concerns, I now only post specials & hypers on these pages. :-S

I've also added John Stewart & Warmachine WIP pages to the characters section. That makes 8 WIPs in total that I'm still working on, 9 if you count Ice. I must be totally insane. =P

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