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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So, over on the shiny new WikiDragon portion of the ScruffyDragon site, I put up a request for help with Lex Luthor, and a brief sketch of a few of the moves I had in mind. Within a week, I had two awesome submissions from two very talented spriters and friends, which tonight I've coded into the character. I have a few more tweaks to make, then I'll turn him loose as Beta 2.
First, thanks to Tenchimuyo4ever, Lex now has a supercool "Electrified Armor" anti-air move (the Stiletto Blade special, his old anti-air, has been changed to an expansion-type move like Wolverine's Berzerker Barrage):

Second, courtesy of Kojunho89, is a new hyper which I'm calling "Failsafe Emission." Think of it as Chun-Li's Kikkosho hyper from the Versus series, but in midair. ;)

So, kudos and thanks to both these great guys. Look for more soon!


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