Fear Factor, Part Deux

Saturday, August 28, 2010

More to say on this later tonight, but my friend ArmageddoN has come through again, taking my slapped-together Yellow Lantern stance sprite and really making it sing. Plus I've finally started putting the smart-paletted sprites in the SFF (been using the old palette up until now), so the color separations look better. See what you think:

Old and busted (mine)

New hotness (Arma's)

We've got a yard crew over here at the house today to remove some old dead trees and stumps, so I don't know how much MUGEN time I'm going to have, but I hope to have something else to show later tonight.


I like the new arm guards and detail in the stance but Hal looks more yellow in yours and more orange/yellow in Arma's. If you change the color back but keep his sprite detail it'd be perfect in my opinion.
I changed the color on purpose to match Sinestro's default palette, but if it looks too orange I can push it a little further into the yellow range.
I just realized... If you can, make the right feet a bit shorter, and replace the head in My hal for yours :P (it looks better hehe)
I do think your yellow is better but maybe that means you should change Sinestro's default too after all if you look at his wikipedia page the yellow totally looks more like your original Hal yellow.
I too perfer your old palette better sir.....
no offense to arma but in my opinion I think the first one looks better.
I prefer Arma's design but your original color.
Hmm... sounds like I still have some work to do, then. Back to the drawing board... :)
I prefer Arma's design but your original color. [2]
True. New design rocks, but old color was better.

I really appreciate the Men in Black in-joke;

It came with a Black [Lantern] Guy, but he kept getting pulled over?

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