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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Since I finally finished grad school, I've started getting back into my MUGEN projects, picking up what I'd more or less dropped a few months ago. Part of that effort (well, right now all of it) is going towards the Blackest Night edition of Hal Jordan, Green/Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Indigo/Black Lantern.

A while back, at the tail end of ScruffyVersary, I released a private "preview" beta of Red Lantern Hal as a contest prize. That version was a brand-new character (RLHal), created mostly from my old GLHal but with some sprites and code from Seth's play-balanced version and some new sprites added for the new Red-specific moves. So now that I'm creating Blackest Night Hal, I have FOUR forks—four separate versions of Hal that all came from the original source—on my machine: GLHal (the original), Seth_GL (play-balanced with additions), RLHal (Red-only moves), and HalJordan (the beginnings of the new release).


Each of the three older versions of the character contain stuff that the other two don't have, all of which I want to put into the new one. I've got the code more or less harmonized (still a few tweaks from Seth I'd like to adapt, but he changed animation numbers to suit his own programming style, so it's a little tricky), but building the unified sprite file is going to take longer. I've been at it for several hours tonight, and am just barely making a dent. Slow going, but ultimately once this part is done, the only other mouse-required part will be implementing the smart palette sprites that my buddy Jet the Phoenix did for me. Everything else, I can do on my netbook, on the commute to and from work. So there's a lot of incentive for me to get the sprite work done ASAP.

To leave you on a high note, here's the work-in-progress character with the custom stances for Red and Orange modes:

Orange Lantern Hal vs Red Lantern Hal (Elseworlds, maybe...?)

See you next week!


I like
I like how this is going, just a little detail. In orange stance, his face should express that macabre expression in the face and in red stance he should show his teeth (some angrynes in his face). You could do this only in his stance without the need of doing it in all the sprites, i think.
I am going to do this in the sprites to show you and send you a pm
yeeeeessssssssssssssss lol finally you can do weekly up dates now lol i cant wait to see more updates especially from green/blue lantern hal i wana see what hes going to be like
Thanks, guys. I've got some pretty fun stuff coming up.

@arma: I'll look forward to seeing what you've got in mind, I think it's a great idea. :)
Genial trabajo. Junto al personaje Parasite me parecen dos de los mejores chars de todo el mundo MUGEN. Buyog eres el mejor!!!! Buyog for president!!!
Gracias por tus creaciones, son las que mas me gustan y las mejores.

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