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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Parasite and Lobo fighting on a dock

What's a Buyog event without a Parasite update? :)

Tonight (this morning?) I bring you an updated Parasite. He's mostly bug fixes and added support for our new Flash character, but I also gave him a new special, Feeding Frenzy, designed by Jet the Phoenix. It's got both air and ground versions, and allows Parasite to pounce on his opponent for a quick "snack" to boost his power. Took me a while to balance it, but I think it's in pretty good shape now.

You can download Parasite v2.2 on his character page.

Change list:
* 02 Jan 2012: v2.2
  - new special: Feeding Frenzy
  - bugfix to Superman/Heat Vision special
  - bugfix: Lobo clones / Elektra shadows now behave properly on round end
  - bugfix: Erradicator hyper beam wasn't being removed if you got hit out of it
Power set updates:
  - added support:
    - Wally West Flash

  - new moves for existing power sets:
    - Fernus the Burning (Martian Manhunter hyper)

EDIT: Added a link to the release thread for this version over at the ScruffyDragon forums.

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Thought I'd comment here rather than Scruffy to avoid drama. Just wanted to say thanks for this, and in advance for Guido. Been hoping that would be improved for a LONG while. :)
I will post here too instead of Scruffy!!

Thanks for the update!! I prefer power sets to appear randomly like it was in previous versions of parasite u released instead of starting with the Superman powerset!! In this way it will be fun to try various movesets instead of the fixed Superman powerset! Is there a way to change the code to bring back the random movesets??
I just came back to mention that myself. He always starts with the Plastic Man powerset. Did you forget to disable some debug feature again?

Also, the feeding frenzy command isn't in the readme, I had to crack open the CMD...
Hmm, good call on the hardcoded power sets. I'll fix when I post the update with the "Quick Snack" hyper, soonish.
No worries and no rush. :P
Que gran personaje, me gusta mucho. Siempre me bajo todas tus actualizaciones por que eres el mejor creador de char de Mugen. Buen trabajo.

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