On the 1st day of Christmas...

Monday, December 26, 2011

I just posted the first gift of this year's 12 Days of Christmas over at ScruffyDragon.com. Thought you all might like to know. ;)

Kicking things off today is the first release of a long-running Scruffy project, the Flash (Wally West). Years ago, the bulk of these sprites were donated to the project by a young spriter by the name of Flaco. At the time, we as a team decided that the style wasn't a good fit with the more "Capcom Versus" style characters we were making for the DC vs Marvel project (he's based on Radel from Rage of the Dragons). While that still holds true (Sic-1's Flash is better proportioned for DCvM), we decided a few months ago that it was a shame to leave Flaco's work unreleased. Since then, I've been working on and off to mash up his sprites and Magus's code from Pocket Flash. This is the result so far.

He has all his basic movements and attacks, one each of intro/winpose/lose/taunt (more in the next release), and these special & hyper moves:

  • Whirlwind - QCF + punch
  • Flurry of Fists - QCB + punch
  • Hyper Tornado - QCF + 2 punches

Flash Wally West is available in the ScruffyDragon.com Downloads section, or you can download him from his WIP page here

More to come!

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Wowwww. The Flash Wally, god job

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