Monday, June 09, 2003

Upgraded the WIP pages for Lobo, GL, and Parasite so that they should work in Mozilla/Netscape. (And I must say, if you haven't tried Mozilla Firebird yet, go do it right now!!! I love it! The Parasite page still isn't working right on Moz because of the little palette thing I'm doing with the image-swapper, but you IE people (in other words, 99% of you reading this page) should have no problems.

Other slightly cool news: I've got CJB domain forwarding turned on now, so if you want to shoot straight to your fave WIP page, you can bypass the news page entirely! (not that I'm suggesting this is a good idea, mind you, as news often hits the main page before it trickles down to the others) Anyway, give it a try here:

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