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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Okay, now that I've got Lobo & Ice out with recent updates, I've turned my attention back to Hulk and Parasite, and redecorated the site color scheme to match.

Hulk has almost all his basics now, with animation timings and power/damage ratings taken from Marvel vs Capcom 1... but since this is going to be "Savage" Hulk, I'll need to tweak these a bit, change up the voice, and add new intros & win/lose poses. Once that's done, I'll probably release a beta to gain some visibility for the project.

I'm also working on Parasite again... he's a huge pain to frankensprite, because I don't want him to look too much like the characters he's based on (Venom, Sabertooth, and Twelve). Here's a peek at his standing weak kick, which is mostly done... still working on basics here, although he's already got the capability to steal and use several other chars' powers.

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