Ice update

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thanks to new ScruffyDragon/DCvM team member ShinGouken, Ice now has an awesome A.I.... she can even hold her own against Loganir's monster, Thor! Which is great, since I haven't yet wrapped my brain around how exactly AI programming is supposed to work. -_-

Anyway, download the update on her page, here.

Also, a quick progress update on my current WIPs, roughly in the order I'm working on them:

- finished basics, added 2 specials & 1 hyper. 3 specials & 3 hypers to add

Black Cat (programming for XFields):
- most basics are done

Doom 2099 (programming for AlienMorph):
- most basics are done; 3 specials & 2 hypers to add

- basics are still proceeding, slowly (I chose some HARD frankensprite bases! =P)
- he can now steal & use powers from about half of the characters on the DCvsMarvel Phase 1 roster.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan (team WIP with Enzo & Arque):
- Enzo & Arque are redoing a bunch of his basics; I just posted the semi-final palettes to his WIP page yesterday.

Lex Luthor (programming for Enzo):
- basics in progress

- a few custom intros/winposes to finish
- 1 more special & 2 more hypers to be done

(All others are on hold... but isn't this enough for one person to be tackling? =P)


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