The 2nd Day of Christmas

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The 12 Days of Christmas roll on with this little after-dinner mint. XFields and Beja, who did the original sprite work on Daredevil's girlfriend here, have decided to go a different direction with her design. That left all of these sprites without a proper home, which I thought was just sad, so I've decided to finish her. For now, enjoy this VERY early taste of what's to come... I call it Alpha 0.1, which should hopefully tell you how far she is from finished. That said, I wanted to show her off and give you all something new for your MUGEN select screens. Go get her here.

Note: She's nowhere close to a 1.0 public release, so there's TONS of stuff missing, moves that need tweaking, and yes, bugs. But for now, enjoy, and post any feedback you have to my email, or over at the release thread on the ScruffyDragon forum.

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