Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, some pretty bad stuff has been happening in my personal life (see my personal blog for details), and it has somewhat affected my ability to concentrate on my MUGEN projects. That said, I've been working on Parasite in what time I have.

Lots to report...

- the white stripes are gone (for now) -- I'll probably edit them back in later (a lot of moves still don't have the green shorts, though)
- revamped several old crappy sprites (Icicle Edge crouch, for example)
- added preliminary stolen power support for Spiderman (web ball) and Darkseid/AF (omega blast)
- updated hyper portrait with Prison's new one
- added a few more basic punch/kick attacks (he's got about half now)
- added support for stolen *air* specials in addition to the ground ones... but none have been implemented yet. Honestly I'm not sure I'll keep it in; we'll see.

I like the Omega Blast I implemented here a LOT better than the one our April Fools version of Darkseid got. If I get to code the new one, this is probably how I'll do it.

I've updated his WIP page for some peeks at the different power sets that are more or less finished:


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