Luthor Beta 2 is in sight...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So the past few days I've been inspired to, if not finish Lex Luthor, at least make a more well-rounded beta fit for public consumption. To that end I've been adding several new moves and tweaking old ones (as I mentioned a few weeks ago), adding sound effects to various movements (e.g. the intro), double-checking clsn boxes, and adding most of his missing sparks and animations: tonight I added the various dust & hitspark effects my characters all use, plus a new forward dash, boot jet sparks on jump & superjump, a lose pose... basically lots of little stuff. Plus this new hyper:
Nanobomb Hailstorm

So what's left? Well, you can always check his page at our team's WikiDragon site. The "what's left" entry over there, which I just updated, lists these things I still want to do before the beta release:
* still needs a hyper portrait! :(
* backward dash
* Special: Energy Shield
* a few more sound effects

Yeah, that's it. :) I've still got quite a bit I want to add to the final version, but this beta is LEAGUES ahead of the first one I released earlier this year. My beta testers will be getting it later this week, so a public release may drop as early as this weekend.


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