Looking Back at 2009, Looking Forward to 2010

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This past year has been a notable one for me personally, and for the ScruffyDragon team as a whole. I know you've probably had your fill of "end of the year"/"end of the decade" posts, so I'll try not to bore you with that (much), and instead focus on my plans for the new year.

But first, a brief recap on 2009:

  • In January, as part of last year's "12 Days of Christmas", BobStarsky and I released Savage Hulk
  • In April, as part of our Scruffyversary event, I released the first public version of Parasite, updated betas of Elektra and Sinestro, and "remixes" of both Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Ice
  • In May, I picked up a great new partner for Parasite work, in the form of Jet the Phoenix
  • Things got quiet for a little while, until I got an idea for a new "Blackest Night" edition of Hal Jordan. That effort is still ongoing, and should bear fruit soon.

Now, here are my goals for 2010:

  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan (here's a list of the planned changes)
  • Mandarin needs my attention before the new Iron Man movie comes out in May. At least a beta if not more.
  • I'll be assisting the SGM team with the coding on tenchimuyo4ever's Green Skull character (he's an Amalgam of Red Skull and Lex Luthor; how could I say no? ;))
  • Get Sinestro to a 1.0-level release before the end of the Blackest Night crossover.
  • XFields and I are planning to work together again on Elektra, and bring her up to that 1.0 level as well.
  • Finally get to that Marrow remix I had planned two years ago
  • Invisible Woman: maybe, maybe not. Honestly I'm not very motivated to work on her right now.
  • Bizarro: possibly collaboration with Kal-Elvis will re-ignite my enthusiasm here, but Kal's busy working on his music career, so I have no idea how likely that is.

So, that's the plan. I'll try to keep up the pace I set last year of posting something here at least weekly (usually on the weekend, Friday or Saturday), and we'll see how things go. I'm looking forward to a great 2010, and I wish the same for everyone here.

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Oh, I was expecting Hal Jordan as last Christmas release. I guess he isn't ready yet. :(

Good luck with that! I'm keeping track of all of it.

Happy new year.
Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people were, but Parasite's smart palette really kicked my butt in terms of free time last month, and I haven't worked on Hal's sprite revamp yet at all, focusing on the new/changed moves to the exclusion of all the rest. Hal's smart palette makeover will take work too, but the barrier is much, much lower, I think, than Rudy's turned out to be. I'd be very surprised if I didn't have "War of Light" Hal out the door before Blackest Night 8.

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