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Monday, January 04, 2010

Video: Iron man versus Green Lantern

Today, my fellow ScruffyDragon Seth Zankuten uploaded an awesome video showcasing his progress upgrading and play-balancing characters for our officially-unofficial (i.e. "Please Disney and Warner don't sue us") "DC vs Marvel" game. It shows off all of the updates he's given to our Iron Man and Green Lantern characters, particularly in regards to hit sparks, super combos, and Amalgam hypers. If you care about our game project at all, you definitely want to check it out at Blip.tv, or click through here:

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Hey Buyog is there another link to this video. I usually use this as a guideline and motivation. But it seem that the link is gone.
I'm not sure Seth put it up anywhere else, and I never copied it, sorry! :(

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