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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Parasite v2.0 released!

Today I'm releasing a "release candidate" version of Parasite 2.0. Thanks go to all the ScruffyDragons that have helped me, but especially to my new teammate and partner, Jet the Phoenix, who was responsible for so much of the graphical update in this version. He now sports a full smart palette (with TONS of alternates available in the folder), lots of custom animations and basic moves for specific power sets, and a metric ton of new power sets and fixed/improved moves for existing power sets. It's way more than I can even put in the readme file, but make sure you read it anyway to see what characters he supports, and the implementation status on their power sets.

Note that not everything is done yet; I'm sure there are still a ton of bug fixes to do, and there are still more missing moves than I would like, but it's certainly a giant leap in the right direction.

You can download Parasite v2 RC1 here, and afterward you can go to ScruffyDragon to discuss this release.

Happy New Year! 3 more days to go!

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Me encanta este personaje. Es el mejor del MUGEN, es increible. Siempre estoy pendiente de Parasite y de Green lantern.
Eres el mejor creador de personajes!!! un gran artista.
un Saludo y feliz 2010
Thanks for the great compliment... I'm blushing!
I'm glad you like my chars.

(es, via Google Translate)
Gracias por la gran complemento... estoy sonrojada!
Me alegro de que te gusten mis chars.

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