Meanwhile, Back at the Scruffyversary...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So far, I haven't talked much about Scruffyversary this year, but it's been happening nonetheless; last week's theme was Blackest Night Week, and was my first opportunity this year to join in the Scruffyversary fun:

  • We kicked off the week by announcing a small-roster, custom-storyline full game project, based on the just-ended crossover and headed by my Sinestro co-creator Larramones.
  • We released a bunch of custom palettes for the ScruffyDragon stable of characters, turning them into members of the various Lantern corps, and had a mini contest where people could design their own (with some pretty awesome results).
  • To give me a little breathing room (and to join in the fun), AngelEcks released a big update to his Ray Palmer: The Atom character, which is just a blast to play with. Whatta guy!
  • I released an update to Lex Luthor, with some new moves, bugfixes, and a brand-spanking new Orange Lantern mode that's pretty fun to play; I've uploaded it here now as well.
  • Finally, Larra & I released a significantly-updated Sinestro, which I've since uploaded here. I'd hoped it would have been an official 1.0 release, but I ran smack into a wall of Real Life Busy ™ last weekend, and had to leave a few things out. Expect an update on that pretty soon.

I'd also hoped to have my "Every-Lantern" Hal Jordan update ready, but life had other plans... sigh. Anyway, he's still on my operating table, and I will release him as soon as I can.

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It was a really great event!
-Lex's update was pretty damn cool, it was nice to see how you implemented his Orange Lantern Support.
-Sinestro is coming along well, can't wait to see where you guys take him in the future.

Good luck with the whole "Real Life Busy ™ " stuff, hah.
Oh, and thanks again for all the help!

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