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Thursday, May 13, 2010

So even though I'm not retiring from MUGEN after all, school has still been keeping me pretty swamped lately. In my spare time, I've been adapting some of the changes SethZankuten made to the DCvsMarvel version of Hal Jordan, adding a few of them to my next public release version (yes, they're now two separate code bases. I'll have to deal with that at some point, but not yet). There are still going to be some moves unique to the full-game release (which, contrary to some people's snide remarks, is still being worked on — Seth just has a busy life too), but where it makes sense, I'm using Seth's savvy upgrades to make my version that much shinier. Case in point: current-release Hal has no grapple or throw. Seth's has this nifty Anvil Slam, which I've now adapted to my version of the character:

Hal Jordan's Anvil Slam throw
Anvil Slam (normal standing throw)

I've also been hard at work on the Blackest Night modes, starting with Red Lantern. Here are a couple of the specials that will be custom to this mode:

Red Lantern Hal Jordan's Plasma Vomit
Plasma Vomit special (replaces Ring Strike)
Red Lantern Hal Jordan's Jet Strike
Jet Strike special (replaces Charging Ram)

So, yeah. Still moving, albeit more slowly than I'd like. That said, Jet the Phoenix and I have been talking about something this week that could be very, very cool, so hopefully I'll have more to share here soon.

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Hell, it's about time! Glad to see that you still active :)
I still think that your Hal Jordan is the best and makind another version by SethZankuten is a bad idea. Don't get me wrong, he's doing great chars, but this "DCvsMarvel version" sounds stupid. Better concentrate on unreleased chars instead building remakes of your work. For example since GL project is dead for a long time nobody released Kyle Rayner.

@MffR: I understand what you're saying, but honestly, until you've seen Seth's tweaks, you don't know how good they really are. His job is to take all of the finished DC vs Marvel characters and balance them, make them feel and play like they're all part of the same game (which they will be, as soon as he finishes that Herculean task).

Man, I wish I could show you guys what he's done already with Hulk... it'd blow your minds.

Oh, and about Kyle Rayner -- Larramones and I may have something cooking along those lines.
I know it's gonna be great. But i collecting Marvel & DC chars for mugen. I already have 137 characters. My "DC vs Marvel" version also have about 100 stages. So i hope that your version of Hal Jordan gonna be mo full and can use most of Seth's tricks. As for me - i'm not interrested in 2 versions of Hal.
We already have 3 versions of Hulk + your perfect Savage Hulk. Seth updates your version or making new one?

Seth's versions are tweaks for the full DCvM Phase 1 release, and are customized to fit in that framework. I don't think we'll release them apart from the game itself, but I'm taking the best parts from his changes and merging them back into my main *public* versions of the characters. Hal now, Hulk and the others later.
Hmm.. that throw is very clever.

Oh and "Anonymous", I think what B is saying is that you don't need to worry about having two versions of Hal, because the "Seth Version" will be locked into DCvsMarvel Phase 1, and was made for balancing reasons.

I think that's the best thing about projects, if done right, everything should feel very organic.
Great to see news and pics. Thanks a bunch for them, especially with you being so busy with life and stuff!

Just curious, who's Flash is that in the top pic? Is it a newer or an older made one?

Also, how does that anvil slam work? Looks interesting. FINALLY, a throw for Hal! lol ;)
@anon: that's Sic-1's new Flash beta, just recently released over at SGM's forum. Anvil Slam is just what you'd expect: pick 'em up, anvil appears, slam'em down on top of it.

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