Blue Sunday

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's been another busy week here in the Buyogverse. I've been working on a couple of things I want to show off here, plus trying to pull together a new style for the blog (the red-and-blue-on-black is soooo 2009 =P), so I apologize for missing a post last week. To make it up, you get a two-fer this weekend: one now, one tomorrow. So no whining! ;)

I've just about got all of the custom stances worked out for Hal Jordan; only Indigo and Black are left, although all 6 are now coded. I've also reworked several of the palettes a bit, now that Jet the Phoenix has helped me level-up my smart palette. (thanks, man!!!) Here's the new one, as well as a peek at the changes in the palettes I've previously shown (note that I took the overwhelming advice from the comments on my last post and recolored ArmageddoN's Sinestro Corps Hal with a more yellowish palette):

Red Lantern Hal and Orange Lantern Hal in a ruined building
Red Hal & Orange Hal: old palettes
Red Lantern Hal and Orange Lantern Hal in a devastated city
Red Hal & Orange Hal: current palettes

Sinestro Corps Hal and Blue/Green Lantern Hal facing off in the middle of a war zone
Sinestro Corps Hal vs. Blue/Green Lantern Hal

As always, leave your comments on the new palettes below, and look for my second post tomorrow night!


OMG wow now there lookin more like lantern corps then just palettes lol now i just cant wait for the reales hope its this year lol wow iv been wait for this guy for about 2 years now lol and hes been through so many changes wow now cant wait to see what black lantern looks like also just wondering will they have speacial intros with othere characters that wouold be cool
also i think for the green/blue lantern his chest logo should be blue or half blue what you think i mean he look sweet like that so
Actually I've only been working on this Blackest Night Hal for a year or so, but yeah, I plan to release him this year, definitely. Oh, and the Blue+Green palette has a chest symbol the colors of his green lantern energy.

hi this is a picture where u can see how u can make each lantern palette!!! However u did a great job!!! Hope to download it soon!!!
Personally, I liked the old colors of the Sinestro corp palette. Yellow is a hard color to use when it comes to the shades. Personally I like it when the yellow gets darker it gets more orange, rather than brown. It's just not visually pleasing. It makes it look of "cheaper" quality. But it's up to you. I do agree that the old colors looked too orange, but this new yellow-ish brown mix is unappealing to me... but that just my taste. :)
Awesome job on all the work you've done! Love the new red and orange palettes. The blue lantern could look a little better. Mainly the blue colors. Outline looks too dark and the rest of the shades look to close or similar in shade... maybe you should make it a little brighter, to look like the gloves and boots are glowing? Anyway, it's not that bad though. Hope this helps, and is constructive. :)
Again, sweet work there. Can't wait to see more!
wow, fantastic job Buyog! Out of curiosity is the standard Hal going to resemble the base design for these custom stances (in terms of the chestpiece?)
@n-xmen: thanks, I've seen the DC Direct figures, and they're close to, but not exactly, what I'm going for. ;)

@anon: The colors will almost certainly still get tweaked a bit, but I think we're getting close to the final looks for all the Corps palettes.

@anon: standard-Hal will be getting a slight facelift due to all of these palette improvements, yes.
Red Hal / Orange Hal / Blue/Green Lantern Hal

Personally I love the Larfleeze-like suit you did on Orange Hal and would keep em as is, gives the different suits a nice touch of variety
Great palettes! each one really has a unique stance.

I like what you did with Sinestro Corps Hal, the yellow is much better, you should do the same thing with your Sinestro when you'll get the chance to update it.

Can't wait for this one to be done, when do you think you will release him?
@Yosi: I agree, Sinestro is going to get the same color tweaks soon. As for the Hal release date... hm. "As soon as he's done" is unfortunately the best estimate I can give you. This fall, hopefully.

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