Hal's Beta Test is Underway

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help me out with the beta testing effort for Blackest Night Hal Jordan. I've selected by beta team for this release, and they've got the beta in hand. As things progress, I'll let y'all know.


Recently Arkadyrossovitch and AA250 released a version of Angel from Xmen where if you press Start he tranforms into archangel with a new set of moves i dont know what layout u have for Hal Jordan but i was wondering it would be cool if you press start with various configutions to bring out a diffrent color lantern like up + start is Red Down + start in Orange ETc just a thought cant wait to finally release your version
what up buyog, yaje here.i jus finished testing your hal jordan and all i can say is WOW...even better than i expected! for all those out there who read the blackest night crossover and play mugen prepare for your head to explode!!!and for all those who jus love playin mugen and using crazy characters that ull never see in any other game besides mugen(like lobo,parasite,wolvenom,and carnage cosmic to name afew)hal jordan is a must have!!!
The problem with doing something like Arch/Angel is that it would mean a 7-fold increase in the size of his SFF, since there are 7 different modes, and that's just not something I want to do.

Yaje: thanks for beta testing for me; glad you like him.
Release Release Release :D
hi buyog como esta hasta el momento hal jordan, sabemos que andas ocupado y que tu agenda no es la mejor pero queremos saber si pronto tendremos nuevo personaje para jugar.
hello there buyog! I'm reading all of these posts on the Blackest Night versions of Hal and I'm saying to myself.... MANNN when is Buyog gonna release Hal.. L.O.L. I want to use all of his versions. You do great work by the way but come on man don't keep us who haven't used the beta versions yet waiting. Give us Hal already!!! Thanks for everything man you are the best along with everybody else too.
P.S. Please finish Sinestro too... I can't wait for him to be finish so I can use him.

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