Where in the Galaxy is Hal Jordan?

Friday, January 07, 2011


The 12 Days of Christmas have come, and they have gone.

As I'm sure you've noticed, without Hal.

Here's why.

When I first started working on Hal, I had a much smaller update in mind, something akin to the update I did for Lex Luthor when I added his Orange Lantern mode last year. What I ended up doing, though, was a lot trickier:

  • essentially cramming 6 new characters into the somewhat-messy codebase of a 7th,
  • trying to clean up that code messyness,
  • integrating some improvements from Seth's remixed / fixed version of the character for DC vs Marvel (which isn't yet publicly available, alas),
  • and manually replacing each of the hundreds of sprites in the SFF with a smart-paletted version that enables me to do the cool corps costumes (even though Jet the Phoenix and ArmageddoN did the sprite edits, it still takes a lot of time to cut and paste the sheet into individual PCX files for the SFF)

Combine that extreme level of ambition with the fact that I have a lot less time for MUGEN these days anyway, and you get a chain of several nearly-sleepless nights, and a character who is REALLY close to being releasable on time, but only if I'm willing to sacrifice quality. Red Lantern, Blue Lantern, and Indigo Lantern modes are all complete. Orange, Yellow, and Black are all missing at least one of their major custom moves. And until last night, I couldn't get the Black Lantern constructs to actually look black and not dingy gray — but the fix I came across (thanks, Sic-1!) involves writing more code - because Black Lantern mode now has to define all of its own anims for everything involving the ring sparks or constructs, since the transparency is defined differently than it is for every other mode! :-P

Hence, this post. Rather than keeping you in the dark, dear readers, I wanted to pull back the curtain a little so you can see what it is I've been working on.



(hyper is unfinished)


(2nd special is unfinished)




(2nd special is unfinished)

(hyper is unfinished)

So, there you go. I have to finish 2 more specials and 2 more hypers, plus cut and paste about another 3 dozen re-edited sprites (for the crouching and air basics). It's still going to happen, and hopefully still happen soon, but I missed getting it to you by Christmas, and now you know why.


bueno acabaron las fiestas de navidad :( pero bueno sera dejar de estar expectantes y ver que pasa en 1 o 2 semanas por el bien del trabajo, lastimosamente no queda sino esperar ya que el trabajo se ve arduo y no creo que este para esta semana o incluso para este mes, sin embargo agradecemos a buyog quien se tomo la molestia de explicar los hechos de la demora y quien deja todavia expectantes a todos y cada uno de los fans del trabajo de buyog, solo resta decir animo buyog!
real art & perfection takes time. i'm sure it'll be great when it's finished.
Omg!!! Your Hal is amazing!!! Cant wait for its release!! Your screen-shots makes it more anticipating!!! How long will we wait until his release???
It's all looking great. And don't worry about release dates. I much rather wait for a quality character than to get some poor instant gratification any day.
great char.i dont mean to be an(a)hole but i was wondern are u going to do white lantern mode as well?an if so he should have a move where he can take ur soul like in MK.i understand its hard work an i dont mind waiting for hal.
No plans for White Lantern mode, at least not right now. I've got my hands full finishing these 6. ;)
como quisiera que ya estuviera listo este personaje pero solo buyog sabe cuando estara listo, vamos buyog danos noticias de como avanza tu trabajo para poder seguir esperando este producto de calidad, con respecto a un modo white lantern este quedaria mejor en siniestro debido a que no se sabe mucho hasta ahora de lo que podria ser una hyper especial para hal.
Hey Buyog Im hoping to see Hal soon but i have a question maybe 2 if you dont mind

First Question You explained that Parasite will be part of the 12 days is parasite still coming out?

Second Question presumably you are taking a break after Blackest Night Green Lantern Which Char would you tackle next I vte for Invisible Woman since there isnt a REAL good one in mugen
Parasite is still coming, sure, but Hal has pushed every other MUGEN project off my plate for the moment. Glory hog.

After Hal, in rough order of my plans (which I will probably blog about soon):
- Parasite 2.0
- (not-yet-public project w/ a fellow ScruffyDragon)
- Sinestro 1.0
- Elektra
- Mandarin

Seems I can't get away from these ring-wearers. =P
Las cosas buenas se hacen esperar caballeros. Hal Jordan sera un char increible, buen trabajo.
Animo buyog y gracias por informarnos. Eres el mejor buyog.
wassup buyog i have a question too does this mean we have to wait until Scruffyversary on Creator's Week to release Blackest night Hal Jordan i know this type of project will take a looooong time
Nah, Scruffyversary is waaaaay too far off to wait. I've frankly gotta get out of the habit of only releasing things twice a year. <_<
well thats good news hopefully we will see hal jordan pretty soon hopefully this month lol anyways
YES, well spoken!! I still hope to release of hal jordan, please buyog is no obligation, but seeks release this char soon, is very important for everyone to try the good work, buyog counting on you
Would you mind giving a ballpark release date? Just so that I don't keep checking the site every day...
I can't possibly ballpark it. I thought it would be done by the 12Days, and it wasn't, so clearly, it's going to take as long as it's going to take, my schedule be damned. I would advise you to grab my RSS feed instead, then when I update you'll be alerted that way.
will sinestro 1.0 have a white lantern mode?
Eh, call me retro, but I've never used those. I'll just tone it down to once a week or so. Good luck! :)
Hadn't planned on a White Lantern mode for Sinestro. Maybe once we've seen what white lanterns can actually DO, but we just don't have enough information yet. ;)
true that buyog the white lantern is still somewhat of a mystery yet...had to ask though cause sinestro is the man and i cant wait for his release!!! speakin of realeases when am i gonna be able to make YOUR red lantern hal jordan beat the piss outta that CORNY guy gardner with the red lantern mode that was recently released? u got all your fans fiendin like baseheads for that BN HAL JORDAN!!! is it possible to release the red lantern mode for hal at least? i mean before u finish wit the other modes.....red lantern is all i really care about anyway lol
I actually considered a partial release with just the finished stuff, but honestly I would prefer that the only version that gets circulated around is the one that really shows my vision. I learned my lesson with early Parasite betas.

That said, I'd keep a close eye on the ol' feed reader this coming week... ;)
Bizzaro Toro did an excellent job on Sinestro for the pocket project will u consider working with Bizzaro_toro to complete your version of Sinestro Oh Oh Ur saying keep an eye on the coming week i hope its good news Crossing Fingers
You know Buyog, I never noticed it before but the comments only give times no dates lol So what day was your comment posted on? By the way this comment was posted 1/19/11
@Ceefus: Yeah, BT and Magus did some great stuff with Pocket Sinestro, and I'm definitely going to see if I can adapt any of that stuff to the big guy. :)

@Sam: Weird, you're right... wonder if that's a template problem. I posted that on Monday the 17th, I believe.

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