On the 11th Day of Christmas...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Pocket Mojo World previewed

Today, on the 11th day of Christmas, as Magus promised in the 12Days promo, Wucash has returned to "bring the darkness" — in the form of the Lord of Apokolips himself, Darkseid!

There have been Darkseids released before. Kal-Elvis and I famously released one as an April Fool's joke a few years ago. Fellow ScruffyDragon Isela released one a while back. But this, the official Darkseid of the DC vs Marvel project, well, this just takes it to the next level. Once again, Wucash has stepped up to the plate and knocked a home run out of the park.

Go here to download Darkseid, then go to his thread at the ScruffyDragon forums to talk about this release.

What could day 12 possibly be? Stay tuned.

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yeahhh, blackest nigth hal jordan and parasite??, I'm on the lookout for these releases because if you give today would be really happy, it also leaves room for further work on projects such as Mandarin or the Invisible Woman also complement other projects such as Electra, Siniestro or Bizarro, encourage buyog be attuned to this page.
The link doesn't work. Why doesn't he just direct link it to the download file?
i am talking about the link on scruffy's forum not the one above.
Both of my links work; the first goes to the download thread, which includes the actual download link. My second link goes to the release thread, and includes a link to the download thread. I just checked in both cases and am able to get to a working download link, but I'm logged in to the forum already. If you're not, then you'll need to log in first. If you don't have a ScruffyDragon forum account and don't want to get one, I can't help you.
How long before the premiere of blackest night hal jordan and parasite ? We are eager to count the hours.
vamos buyog dale estreno a tus personajes, este año no fue el propio para scruffydragon, debido a que para cerrar el dia 12 colocan la mediocridad de pocket world! :$ es una broma o que? fue un golpe bajo para la mayoria de personas que andaban esperando, no hay nada como un trabajo serio que requiere dedicacion como hacer un personaje a tamaño normal, no hay punto de comparasion entre la excelencia de parasite, hal jordan, siniestro etc a un pocket, vamos buyog! mejora este dia con las publicaciones por favor
Hal's in final bug checking at the moment. A few hours, I think.
Parasite's been ignored because of Hal, so he's not ready for release yet.

And, a word to the last commenter, who bravely omitted his name: if pocket characters are so easy and such an abomination, I defy you to do better. Magus and his team have put in far, FAR too many hours for you to dismiss it out of hand. ScruffyDragon is about more than just me, and this was by far the biggest release of the season for us.
also there is still day 13.. kings day :P
this was a nice surprise and a great work... it can only be compared to what you have done with Hal...
hal, hal hal hal jejeje XD, everyone wants to be released blackest night hal jordan and everyone including myself are following this premiere minute thirteenth day of Christmas jejeje XD
I was waiting for the parasite's update for so long... when do you think he will be ready? About pocket fighter i think they are as good as the normal ones and fun to play with, great release from magus and team.
Parasite is probably a few weeks away from being ready for a release. I just haven't had any spare time to work on him while getting Hal ready. -_-
bueno estamos esperando hoy con ansias la llegada de hal jordan, vamos buyog nos tienes oprimiendo f5 a la pagina una y otra vez por andar esperando tu personaje
well now we are waiting anxiously the arrival of Hal Jordan, we have pressing f5 buyog us to the page over and over again waiting for your character to go
buyog, dude, he's right the download link does NOT work, we get this message..

An Error Occurred
Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

[#10342] We could not determine which forum this topic is in.
"Magus and his team have put in far, FAR too many hours for you to dismiss it out of hand. "

That's exactly WHY people get angry. They work on these things instead of things shown in the past that people actually want to use.
"That's exactly WHY people get angry. They work on these things instead of things shown in the past that people actually want to use."

When did MUGEN creation become an obligation? And what has Magus promised you that he hasn't delivered? Honestly, I'm curious. Explain to me why we're obligated to deliver something just because you value it more highly than something else we're working on.
"buyog, dude, he's right the download link does NOT work, we get this message.."

I suppose that probably happens if you try to get to that forum thread without being logged in to the forum? Honestly I can see the thread just fine, both links I posted work... <_<
I'd say that when someone makes a teaser or a preview, that constitutes an obligation to release a finished product at some point in the future. When the effort to create the things people salivate over goes into this pocket garbage instead, and still leaves fans waiting after years and years for the things originally promised, yes, some people are going to be mad.

If you don't want people to get mad at you for not keeping promises, simply don't make them in the first place. Magus is an excellent coder. It's not like he's releasing low-quality things. He's just choosing to put that talent into things that no one wants over things that people do want and have been waiting for. Is the anger really so hard to understand? It's like a video game you've been waiting for years for is delayed because the developers are prioritizing Barbie's Magical Adventures II: Even Pinker Than Ever.

For quite a while now, actual DCvM releases have been really, really few and far between. Instead, pockets. You really shouldn't be surprised.
Here's the thing, Mr. Anonymous: people DO want and like the pocket stuff. Go read the release thread at Scruffy if you don't believe me.

And another thing: if we were an actual development team, with an actual budget and actual cashflow (and actual license to use these characters for commercial gain), then I could understand your anger. But we're not. We all have real lives outside of the computer... many of us are college graduates with real day jobs. Many of us are married, some with kids. And those things take precedence over something done as a hobby.

Let me be even more clear: Magus ISN'T WORKING ON DCvsMARVEL. His choosing to work on another project while we wait for factors out of his control (engine tuning, front-end coding, character balancing, etc) doesn't take ANYTHING away from DCvM, and if he dropped everything else and focused on that effort, it still wouldn't get done any faster.

Finally: if you want the game so badly, find some way to help instead of whining. Learn to code. Learn to sprite. Heck, hook us up with your uncle at Capcom who will pay us to build stuff for him. We continue to do what we do because we enjoy the journey, not because we crave the love of angry anonymous fans.
digamos que en parte es cierto que mas de uno se encuentra enojado porque hay proyectos congelados desde hace mucho, pero hay que poner en perspectiva una cosa; NADA ES COMO UNO DESEA, miren esto no es de solo scruffydragon y demás, revisen la base de datos de cvg united y verán cuantos sprites congelados hay!, son cientos!!, productos que incluso llevan casi una década de congelación.
a nosotros nos corresponde agradecerle a personas como buyog, magus y demas por un trabajo que para nosotros es gratis, no se nos cobra 1 dolar ni nada, si la labor de creación y programación no fuera tan dificil y tediosa mas de uno hubiera hecho su propio hal jordan o incluso a witchblade, hawkman o a the spectre, solo nos resta decir GRACIAS, y que sigan trabajando en productos de excelente calidad que escapan de los costos de empresas avaras y que nosotros podemos disfrutar una vez que estén terminados.

say that's partly true that more than one is angry because there are projects frozen for much, but you have to put into perspective one thing, NOTHING IS AS ONE WISH, look at this is not just scruffydragon and others, review the basis of cvg data united and see how many sprites are frozen!, there are hundreds! products that are almost a decade even freezing.
to us to thank people like buyog, magus and others for work for us is free, we charge $ 1 or anything, if the building and programming work was not so difficult and tedious but one had made its hal jordan own or even Witchblade, Hawkman or the specter, only remains for us to say THANK YOU and keep working on high quality products beyond the cost of greedy companies and we can enjoy once they are finished.
Way to not approve further comments so you could have the last word, sir. :)
If you had a reasoned argument and didn't resort to profanity and general trollishness, you'd be more likely to get approved. MY home, MY blog.
My arguments are no more specious than yours, kind sir, but of course, you have the home court advantage so any dictatorial acts are well within your power to make. Doesn't mean I can't object to them. :)

Lemme just see if I can just get that last bit through though: I do know how to sprite and code. Just because I choose to comment anonymously here does not mean you do not know who I am.
I suspected as much, honestly, but I get fed up with trolls hiding behind their anonymity on the Internet. If you're going to call me out, and yet refuse to reveal your identity, expect to get /treated/ like a troll.

I don't dispute that you have a valid point, but the long and short of it is that this is the work Magus is choosing to do right now, so it isn't a choice between us releasing this or something else, it's a choice between this or nothing. We can disagree about the value of his work without being disagreeable.
If I wanted to make this about me, I would. Opinions are opinions. Who has them, whether it's a 'troll' or a respected community member shouldn't change how valid they are or are not.

Thank you very much for saying that I have a valid point. It's more than I was expecting. And you're absolutely right. It's the fact that this IS the work that Magus is choosing to do that frustrates so many people, as it is valueless to many, myself included.

It feels like I should be adding more to this, but I don't actually think I've got anything left to say.
"I suppose that probably happens if you try to get to that forum thread without being logged in to the forum? Honestly I can see the thread just fine, both links I posted work... <_<"

thing is, the other forum links you posted work, you don't HAVE to log into the forum to see the forum topics you linked to previously. with Darkseid here though, it's not the case...MY question, is why?
see, here is an example where you DON'T need to log in, in order to down a given character


I'm not sure why it's not the same with Darkseid here
@Anon: I think we're to the point where I can say "'Nuff said," as we have come to something approximating agreement. ;)

@Sarge: the difference is due to the fact that Magneto (in that link you posted) is a gifted download from Jet the Phoenix and ZVitor, and isn't an "official" Scruffy character, and as such doesn't have its own page in the SD downloads section.

For what it's worth, if you can't get to the download thread itself, the direct link to Darkseid is here: http://www.scruffydragon.com/file/dc/Darkseid.rar

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