On the 3rd Day of Christmas...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Namor updated
Namor's updated stance

Sorry I forgot to post this update yesterday... I'm continuing to hammer away at the remaining tasks for Blackest Night Hal Jordan's release (more on that in a minute).

Yesterday, the 3rd day of Christmas, SGM and ZVitor have released their updated version of Namor, from the recently released Project X: Second Coming MUGEN game, as a standalone character. He includes a pretty slick smart palette and some other great updates that make him a blast to play. You can go get him at ScruffyDragon.

For those of you waiting for Hal (you know who you are ;)), know that I'm furiously plugging away at the unfinished bits and pieces, with my partner in crime ArmageddoN providing me with his awesome spriting support so that I can keep up the coding momentum. And when he produces stuff like this, it's hard to argue with the results:

Indigo Lantern Hal versus Parallax-possessed Hal

Now, back to my undisclosed location. Much work still to be done!

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guauuu that image is part of how will the project?, that image I just opened but the curiosity and expectation of release date Green lantern this is most expected that the new year, I'm fan NÂș 1 of this page and am excited about this release.
Come on! buyog know you can with all these projects, I encourage!
what will be the day of Hal Jordan? I'm anxious

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