Another Lobo update

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I've just updated Lobo again... it was a code-only change (only 2 small new sprites), so was something I could do easily in my "down time" at school.

Beta 3c, now available on Lobo's page, has the following updates from the March version of Beta3:

- fixed the fall-off-the-screen bug (was fixed last week in beta3b, but meh)
- tweaked the behavior of the air frag special when out of ammo
- re-added the "dizzy reapers"... somewhere along the way they got commented out... :|
- re-implemented the clone timeout for Main Men (again, this was disabled in the last release)
- reduced power requirements for Lights Out & Main Men to 1000 (was 3000 =P)
- implemented a new RotGut effect: 2x attack power for a short time!

Those last 2 items should change his playing dynamic quite a bit. >:D


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