The 5th Day of Christmas

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sorry this one's coming late in the day; Saturday tends to be a pretty busy day around my house. I was also struggling with the new "pope lobo" animation, until BobStarsky bailed me out last minute. That guy's a terrific pinch-hitter! :D

Anyway, here's day 5's gift: an update to Lobo that I've been cooking up for a while now. Here's what it's got:

- fixed the AI bug that caused him to spam the MM Airlines move
- improved AI for Main Men clones (they're pretty vicious now)
- tweaked AI on a few other small particulars
- fixed the winKO flash so that it doesn't (shouldn't anyway) ever get triggered twice on a win
- minor cosmetic fixes to a bunch of sprites (thanks to Jeff for most of these!)
- replaced the gun-reload animation with a better one created by the ever-talented BobStarsky
- added "Pope Lobo" intro w/ space dolphin (thanks to BobStarsky for help with the anim!)
- added damage dampener to BFG hyper

Go get Lobo here.

As with all the other chars I've released in this 12-days blitz, please feel free to post any feedback you have at the ScruffyDragon forums. His release thread is here.

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