Lex Luthor Beta 1b released!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

As I promised earlier in the week, here's the latest Lex Luthor update. He has all the following updates over the alpha release from last January:

- 27 Sep 2008: Beta 1b
- fixed bug in Failsafe Emission
- added air version of Failsafe Emission (& you can can combo into it!)
- lots of minor bugfixes and combo tweaks throughout
- added Special: Tyrant Drill
- added shocked, frozen special anims

- 25 Sep 2008: Beta 1
- tweaked Special: Stiletto Blade (it's now an expansion-type move, for one thing)
- added Special: Electrified Armor
- added Hyper: Failsafe Emission
- added Hyper: Nanite Swarm
- added fwd/back dashes
- added new sound effects, voices, and effect sparks

All in all, he's a much more solid character than he was before: 4 specials, 2 hypers, pretty decent AI, etc. Still quite a bit more we plan to do with him before he's done, but I felt like I needed to get him out there for all y'all to start playing with. Enjoy, post any feedback/ bug reports here at the ScruffyDragon forum.

What're you waiting for? Go grab Lex Luthor Beta 1b here!
(Will be uploaded to the ScruffyDragon portal later)


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