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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A week and a half after an historic U.S. election here in the "real world", I'm proud to announce the release of the (near-)final version of Lex Luthor! This represents countless hours of hard work from ScruffyDragons Smogon, Enzo, McCready, Arque, Magus, SethZankuten, and myself, plus many additional hours contributed by SD forum members Kojunho, Tenchimuyo4ever, Doktor Avidan, Gate, ShockDingo, R@CE45, and many more.

Here's the shortlist of what's new since the Beta 1b release a few months ago:

  • bugfix: added juggle checking to standing hard punch and Tyrant Drill

  • added two R@ACE45-designed hypers: Kryptonic Blast and Tyrant Finisher (thanks, man!)

  • added air version of Kryptonite Ray

  • separated electricity from Lex himself in electric armor sprites

  • tweaked several gethit sprites

  • new special: Air Tyrant Drill

  • new special: Energy Shield

  • new intros: "Speak softly" and injustice league

  • added damage dampener to Nanite Swarm

  • new special: Flamethrower

  • added "special finish" background for win-by-hyper

  • tweaked Stiletto Blade: order of slashes changed, split it into three strength levels

  • added taunt

  • added custom intros versus Dr. Doom & Superman

  • new winposes: "Mercy, I need a drink", and bootjet flyaway

  • added Red and Blue modes to Kryptonite Ray

  • new Kryptonite Ray sprites by McCready -- thanks a ton, man!

  • added arcade intro

  • created several "novelty" palettes for the higher slots (ironman/warmachine/superman/drdoom, several others courtesy of Doktor Avidan)

  • added "burned" sprite

  • added triple-jump and air dash (in lieu of a true "flight mode")

Head on over to his page to download him, and feel free to post your feedback on the ScruffyDragon release thread or via email (my address is in the readme file).


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