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Monday, December 28, 2009

Sic-1 and Zvitor present Namor!

Today Sic-1 and Zvitor are releasing their latest collaboration, Namor! I'm writing this post early and scheduling it to auto-post for me on time, so I don't have a link yetI had this auto-posting, but have come back and added a link to the release thread, but you can find it on the front page of ScruffyDragon.com, too.

He's already a very full-featured character, sporting 4 special attacks and 3 hypers, which Parasite has already figured out he wants to steal:

Parasite draining Namor's powers

The reason I'm writing this post early is because today I'm in the hospital getting some minor sinus surgery done. I doubt I'll have an internet connection at all today, and very likely won't feel like getting online anyway, so I may miss a day or two here... hence me posting these things early.

(note: there's a small chance that something may go wrong with the release, and you won't see it on the portal by the time this post is uploaded. If that's the case, have some patience and I'm sure you'll see it post soon)

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Man! You're into mugen even before surgery? I'm proud i ever speak with such Man of Steel. I wish you well. And come back, we all gonna wait for your return.

MffR (aka Mugen fan from Russia)
Heh, it was mostly denial, I think. Home and recovering now, though. Thanks for the well-wishes.
i'm glad to hear that!!!

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