Parasite's All-you-can-eat Lantern Buffet

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

As I've mentioned several times, Parasite is my own personal skunk works, the place I design and develop new MUGEN code. To that end, I've been using him this week to build out the custom moves for Hal Jordan's alternate-corps palettes. Here are the first three.

Red Lantern power set:

Red Lantern Parasite
Plasma Vomit special

Orange Lantern power set:

Orange Lantern Parasite
Selfish Grab special

Indigo Lantern power set:

Indigo Lantern Parasite
Teleport Sphere special

Also, in unrelated news: the Strong Guy remix I mentioned a few weeks ago is on hold until McCready has enough time to work on it with me. Bummer, but it frees up more time for the Parasite and Green Lantern stuff I'm working on... which is a good thing.

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Excelent! Will it include smart-palette Parasite?
@Matiax: Signs point to yes. ;)
Awesome I'm loving the Selfish Grab and the Plasma Vomit, looking forward to his realease.
he reminds me of AMAZO from justice league lol
great looking work, man congrats

have to say though, the blue hal palette is sort of creepy because he has no pants...yikes
@shadoku: funny you should mention Amazo. At one point, I'd actually considered making Amazo an alternate palette/mode for Parasite. Now, it'll probably just merit an alternate palette with all of the others I'm making.

@Sarge: thanks, nice to see you here. But that "blue Hal" in actually the Indigo Lantern palette, and they seem to be a sort of a tribal corps:
Still more info about Parasite, but you kept your promise about Hal. He he, wiseguy :)

MffR (aka Mugen fan from Russia)
@MffR: Heh, yeah. Hal's smart palette is harder to edit than Parasite's, so he's progressing more slowly.
wow i think that would be cool to have a pellet of amazo on parasite lol i mean there both just alike lol so y not
hey buyog i was just wondering would it be to much if you could have like when parasite abosorbs any of hals lantern forms he could have the ring to like if he absorbed red lantern hal he would have a red lantern ring to just askin

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