Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Starting today I'm trying for a much simpler, lighter design for this site. Overall it should be more mobile-friendly, as I've eliminated a lot of the unnecessary JavaScript (goodbye, Dojo; farewell, Google Translate!), and streamlined the CSS quite a bit. So far the main page is the only one that reflects the changes; the other pages will probably follow suit in the next day or two.

What say you all? Like? Dislike? Let me know in the comments.


I like it. Speed is always good for me! :)
I think it's too empty
@jZarndt: I agree, speed is a big improvement here.

@anon: The only things I removed are the Translate sidebar, the fluid width, and some color changes. What do you think it's missing?
it's missing the blue background
Hmm... okay, I'll see what I can do with some additional color to make it not feel so empty.
Yeah ! it's better now, it's less empty with the new blue background
I like it too. And it still feels "lighter" than the old, dark-red on dark-blue color scheme.

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