Playtesting Hal, part 1

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

This week, based on the feedback I've received from my awesome beta team, I'm putting Blackest Night Hal Jordan though his paces, tuning, nipping, and tucking. The AI still feels a little too aggressive, and I'm not 100% sold on the way I'm handling the lantern charge yet, but he's getting there. Here's a peek at Yellow Lantern mode, versus (who else?) Sinestro:

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Neat! Did he use both of his unique supers in the video? I recall only seeing cruel grip, am I crazy?
Cool it looks like you take less time charging your ring using the battery if there was a faster way to charge your battery becuase your opponent doesnt give you a chance to charge
Will be the best mugen character
WOW!! AWESOME!!! Now I know why Yellow is my favorite color. L.O.L. I can't wait until you release yellow version Hal. I want to use him. I saw his 2 supers and I'm sure you'll give him some other ones too. Great job.
Hey Buyog, I ve got one question.

How the blacket night versions of hal work?

It will be like if you press any key you choose green lantern and if you press start and any other key u will have diferent versions of Hal?

release, release, release!!!!!!!!!!
About the latern charge, you mean your not to keen on what keys are pressed? I just say medium kick and medium punch or somthing, personally, the latern charge looks great (so hope for the realese this weekend! But if your not ready then keep on whatever your doing with him :))
c'mon buyog release this char, how's the progress of the hal jordan? please all need more information of progress this char
I appreciate people's enthusiasm for this guy, but I refuse too release him while he's still broken. Patience, he'll be ready when he's ready. ;)
What are the good news for the month of March? as is the advance of the character hal jordan, more advance buyog, please need more information this character.
I know, I've been terrible about updating this month! :( Something soon.
Completly agree with John Stewart, come on Buyog, can you give us a deadline? (once again,love how he's turning out, with soon, hope you mean in the weekend XD

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