[Release Watch] Strong Guy, Day 2

Monday, January 09, 2012

A sentinel has found Strong Guy, oh noes!

Welcome to our next installment of Release Watch! I guess by now you probably noticed that I took the weekend off. If you don't like that, well, there are plenty of other places on the internet where you can take your clicks. -_-

I've been hammering away at Strong Guy's v2.0 release, trying to get it ready to release. The problem is that it's hard to show you progress when I'm just fine-tuning complicated level-3 hypers now. I could break it down in finer-grained detail and tell you that, since Friday, I've managed to get this much done on the new Megaton Fury hyper:

  1. got the timing right on the first half (the superpause was in the wrong place, and I didn't realize it at first)
  2. got the behavior of the Sentinel mostly done (he still needs boot jet anims)
  3. got the flying rock debris showing up and doing damage
  4. got the sentinel explosion coded and timed more or less where I want it (probably still needs a little fine-tuning, honestly)

That just leaves a couple of things to be done with that hyper:

  1. figure out why all of my explods (for the ground smash etc) aren't showing up
  2. code the sentinel shrapnel projectiles
  3. fix the move startup so it's easier to execute, but also possible for the opponent to block

Plus I still need to code the X-Factor hyper, which I haven't started yet, and which could be just as complicated. Worth it, I hope, but still way longer to finish than I had expected.

  • code cleanup (move basics/specials/hypers to their own .st files)
  • add lose on time over anim
  • add draw game anim
  • fix hypers to not give back power meter
  • Revamp Kinetic Energy Bar (new sprites & code tweaks)
  • Revamp basic attacks (strong kicks replaced with punches, reordered progression of attacks)
  • De-cheapify basic combo chains
  • Fix kinetic energy effects of grapples
  • new special: Up You Go
  • tweak damage/effects of Run Deep special
  • new intro: Lila Cheney teleport
  • tweak Touchdown hyper
  • add recovery roll
  • new audio for jacket-ripping intro
  • new winpose: fatigued when kinetic energy level too high
  • add dizzy state & effects
  • improve heart attack (KO via heart damage from too much kinetic energy)
  • new hyper: Spinning Piledriver
  • "Hyper Combo Finish" hyper names displayed when win by hyper
  • new hyper: Megaton Fury
  • new hyper: X-Factor Attacks

Completed tasks: 19 of 21
Tasks remaining: 2

See you tomorrow, hopefully with a second shot of Megaton Fury and the news that it's done and I've moved on to coding the last hyper.

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I think you're doing great. Keep up the good work and don't over do it. You don't want to burnout with MUGEN again. lol

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