Hal patch release

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I've uploaded a new version of Hal Jordan, based on initial feedback from users of the initial 1.0 version. It includes the following fixes (v1.1 was uploaded Thursday but I forgot to mention it)

- 27 Dec 2007: 1.1
Changed black palette to be more like a "black lantern" might be (i.e. dead)
Changed DCvsMarvel-style portraits out for ones that fit a normal screenpack
- 28 Dec 2007: 1.2
Tweaked standing & crouching basics and ground combos (sped up the regular moves slightly too)
Fixed forward dash and added a back dash/hop
Added forward air dash
Added AI from ThePacifist; I'll beef it up later, but this is better than what he had before.
Tweaked Ring Slinging trail effects
Fixed Plasma Sphere infinite (and added a fadeaway/disruption anim at the end)

Have fun!

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