The 8th Day of Christmas

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Okay, so when I first thought about doing a simple remix of Marrow for part of the "12 days" blitz, I thought it would be a simple matter of removing the tagteam code and changing out the MvC2 sparks for the DCvM effects my characters use. Imagine my surprise when I found MUCH deeper problems. -_-

When Ryou Win took over my beta, he almost completely redid the AIR file, the state files, the command file & AI. And none of the changes he's made am I happy with. I thought about throwing together something half-baked just to meet my promise of 12 releases in 12 days, but then I thought better of it... I *will* be redoing Marrow, and soon, but the work to be done goes far, FAR beyond what I can do today. So, sorry about this, no Day 8 yet, but Day 9 will go on as planned. Look for more info on the Marrow remix over the coming weeks.

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