Another Lex update

Monday, November 24, 2008

The response to Lex has been overwhelmingly positive, thanks for everyone that has sent me comments/feedback/bug reports/etc. As a result of all of these, I've uploaded a new release for the esteemed President-Elect. Same download as before, get it on his page.

The update includes the following changes from the original "President-Elect" release on the 15th:

  • fixed issue that allowed you to spam multiple colors of Kryptonite Ray

  • fixed bug that kept a couple of the winposes from displaying

  • fixed a bug in the arcade intro's movelist

  • fixed bug that allowed a very narrow window in his intros where you could start attacking before the round starts

  • removed the extra command for Electrified Armor that triggered it with button-mashing punches... it was getting in the way of combos.

  • made Electrified Armor unblockable to be a bit more useful

  • fixed bug with Tyrant Finisher that would sometimes make him pass right through the other player

  • tweaked Tyrant Finisher behavior when missed/blocked

  • fixed Energy Shield... accidentally broke it in the last patch release, oops!

  • added multi-colored options to air Kryptonite Ray (was always green before)

  • beefed up the AI quite a bit

Enjoy! More news on another of my WIPs coming reasonably soon.


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