"12 days" wrap-up

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Forgot to post days 11 & 12 here on my blog, but for anyone not following the ScruffyDragon news page, here they are:

  • Day 11: Electro beta 0.4, by Verz & Magus

  • Day 12: Superboy (Kon-El) v 0.95, Titan Goku & Seth Zankuten, and

    Titans Tower stage, by Wucash

  • And here's my follow-up post from over at ScruffyDragon.com:

    To round out this year's "12 days of MUGEN" event, we as a team really wanted to knock everybody's socks off. As many of you suspected, we wanted the 12th gift to be... DCvsMarvel Phase 1.

    Alas, although we've made tremendous progress toward this goal over the past 6 weeks, it's just not quite finished yet. So last night we had a team meeting to discuss the situation, and the unanimous decision was to wait until it's done, instead of slapping something together that wasn't truly a GAME experience, but merely a collection of unbalanced characters and mismatched effects & stages. We figure there are plenty of places within the MUGEN community where you can go for that sort of thing, and if the ScruffyDragon brand stands for anything at all, it stands for quality over quantity. As the old saying goes, "good things come to those who wait." ;)

    So, where does that leave us? Well, it leaves you as fans 9 characters and 3 stages richer. It leaves the ScruffyDragon team revitalized and excited about building a truly awesome Phase 1 experience. And it leaves us all quite a bit closer to Phase 1 than we were 12 days ago. As for a new release date, I'm going to have to hold off on that for the moment because I don't have the latest status reports from Wucash and Seth to know what's still left on their respective plates. But I can say this: I see no reason at present why it can't be done before the Scruffyversary. How soon before, depends on each team member's real life situations, and will be different for each of us. Best advice I can give you is to keep watching the news section here; there are sure to be some other releases coming up in the near future, and Phase 1 within the next few months.

    As always, thank you all for your continued support. We don't do this for money, or really even for glory or attention. We do it for fun, and for the love of these two great superhero universes. You all help keep that magic alive for us.

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