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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Savage Hulk

Bobstarsky & I proudly present, after a long incubation period and hiatus, Savage Hulk!

This version doesn't have everything that the Hulk in the final game will have, but he's got 3 finished specials and three hypers, which should be more than enough to stand up to most other characters:

  • Hulk Bash (charge B, F + kick)

  • Hulk Smash (D, DF, F + punch)

  • Road Rage (Hold down and press all 3 punch buttons to grab some asphalt... then press any attack button to throw it)

  • Hulk Smash (hyper) (D, DF, F + 2 punches)

  • Thunderclap (D, DB, B + 2 punches)

  • Rage mode (D,DB,B + punch and kick of equal strength)

The ScruffyDragon forum release thread is here, and you can download him both at the ScruffyDragon site, and here in my chars section.

Two more days to go!

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