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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hal Jordan lantern corps

Sorry this is a day late, still neck-deep in boxes from last week's move.

In honor of the new Blackest Night / War of Light event that just kicked off in Green Lantern this week, I'm toying with the idea of releasing a series of patches for my Hal Jordan MUGEN character. The idea is to redo the sprites so that I can do custom palettes reflecting all of the various other lantern corps that are part of the ongoing event, and give each alternate palette a custom move or two, maybe a custom stance or intro or winpose as well. The first candidates will be red, orange, yellow, and blue, as Hal has briefly wielded each of these rings in recent issues of his title. (Indigo and Violet may not happen, in fact... that remains to be seen). Anyway, I'll be taking a look at what it would take to redo Hal's palette to support this kind of customization, and will post more news soon.


Sounds really cool.
If not a smart palette, at least a special intro or move for some of the palettes.

Will he have any throw moves or a chain hyper in the near future? Or will that not be released till DCvM game is released? I don't think his latest release has those.
Definitely looking into doing a smart palette, but obviously that would take longer. We'll see if that's feasible in the limited time I have this summer.

As for adding a throw or chain hyper... I'd like to, yeah. Soldier of Oa is, in fact, part one of a 3-part chain hyper I'd planned, but I haven't finished the other two parts yet.

That said, fellow ScruffyDragon and friend Seth Zankuten is working on some pretty awesome tweaks to Hal for the official DCvM release. Those are outside the scope of what I'll be releasing here.
I can hardly wait. Since GL mugen project is dead for a long time your Hal is now coolest mugen GL.

Buyog - you're our only hope for spreading the light. :)

Mugen fan from Russia

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