Kind of a slow week

Friday, June 19, 2009

I've been busy finishing up a paper I'm submitting for publication this week (grad school thing), so haven't had a ton of time to work on MUGEN. That said, I've done a few things.

First, a little clarification on last week's update, since I got several comments on it that missed the point: the Doomsday in that screenshot ISN'T available for download, nor will it ever be, because it's just a training dummy I created for making demo shots like that one. It's got a stance animation, taken from DeanJo's full-fledged Doomsday WIP and that's all. And no, I have no idea when DeanJo's project will be done and released. So I'm sorry to have gotten everyone's hopes up. For now you'll have to be content with the 3d Doomsday, or Team Spoiler's less-than-ideal-but-not-horrid version. (And no, I won't email those versions to you. Google for them if you need to, or look on Infinity's forum. What am I, your concierge? =P)

Now, with that out of the way... a guy at the ScruffyDragon forum that goes by the name "Matt God Church" wanted to help out with Parasite, so he sent me his edits for a custom strong punch for the Carnage powerset. Plus I've been experimenting with custom moves for the Green Lantern powerset. So here's a peek at those two:

Green Lantern and Carnage custom punches

I've also been thinking this week about how the customized basic attacks are going to interact. As cool as I think it would be to have, say, a stretchy, Plastic Man-style Venom punch, I fear it may open up too huge a can of worms if I set the precedent that all 100+ power sets can interact. That would mean I'd have to come up with (and edit!) 1002 = 10,000 different possible attack combinations! Clearly, that's NOT gonna happen.

So, moving forward, I think I've decided that power set #1 will determine the customized behavior of punches, and power set #2 will likewise determine custom kicks. Separate them out that way, at least for now. Maybe later when I'm done with my grad school, independently wealthy and retired from my day job, and crazy bored, THEN I might consider editing 10,000 different sets of basic attacks for a single MUGEN character. Or, y'know... maybe not.

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