Weekend delay

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Missed my regularly-scheduled post for this past Friday, and I apologize: the long Independence Day weekend kept me pretty busy. That said, I've been working on expanding out some of Parasite's power sets:

Parasite Poison Ivy specialParasite Aquaman special
Poison Ivy's "Explosive Growth"Aquaman's "Telepathic Stun"
Parasite Iron Man specialParasite Invisible Woman hyper
Iron Man's "Plasma Beam"Invisible Woman's "Invisible Maelstrom"

I'm also toying with the idea of taking on a Poison Ivy WIP... the only one I've seen that's been released is pretty disappointing, and I'd like to see more good comic villainnesses in MUGEN. No promises, though -- not even sure about sprite base(s) yet, so that'll be a deciding factor. I've already got a couple of really-hard-to-frankensprite WIPs (Elektra and Sinestro are both tricky to get "right"). So stay tuned for more details on that.

I'm also in the process of a major site revamp, and I'm considering merging all of my blogs (this one, my Coding blog, and my Root blog) into a single WordPress blog, with the content separated by categories. Would this be a good idea, or not? Please post your thoughts in the comments.

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Very cool powerset attacks. The sprites look great. What exactly is he doing in the "Invisible Maelstrom"?
Looks like he's using Ice's powers.

As long as the WordPress blog didn't totally disorientate previous readers of your blogs, it sounds like a good idea. Probably would be easier for you also?
Invisible Maelstrom is an idea I had for a hyper where he uses Invisible Woman's powers to generate hundreds of tiny force-bubbles and propel them towards the enemy. Kind of like Flash's rock throw, or Thanos's (space?) gem (the one where he opens a portal to drop a bunch of rocks on the enemy)
Oh, ok!
Yeah, the stage sort of threw me off with the snow I guess. lol
So, the "force bubbles" are coming out of that shield like structure in front of Parasite then?
Again, really great work!
hell YA you should merge your blogs. Hell, Bob Parks has his blog categorized on one blog so why not yours? :D

also, if you can pull it off, DEFINITELY shoot for a Poison ivy. the game definitely needs it, and if your parasite (which I don't know jack about the character) is any indication, I think you can do it!

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