Parasite Gets All Venom-y

Friday, June 05, 2009

Jet the Phoenix continues to crank out custom powerset ideas for Parasite, and I'm trying to keep up by coding them faster than he's sending them (I'm behind right now). The current plan is to give him some combination of custom hard punch, hard kick, guard, and stance for each of his different powersets, when possible. Here's a peek at the Venom customizations to hard punch and guard:

Parasite customizations for Venom power set


What's this stage?
Abandoned Cathedral, it's Nightcrawler's stage for ProjectX I believe. It's TwinImage's work, and comes bundled with Nightcrawler:
Awesome Buyog when all is said and done with this character this will be the most sophisicated mugen character ever created...good luck with the future progress and updates

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