Hal as Orange Lantern

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Orange Lantern Hal Jordan: 'I CAN HAZ TWO CHEEZBERGERZ!'
Orange Lantern Hal Jordan, fighting Sinestro

Here's the second palette idea I've had for our Hal Jordan character to commemorate the Blackest Night crossover. Still no download yet, and I'm thinking "smart palette" might not happen... his current palette is pretty difficult to work with, and I don't really feel much like hand-editing hundreds of sprites. But I will do enough to make all of the palettes work, anyway.

As with the red palette, Orange Lantern Hal will have several changes beyond the outfit and construct colors:

  • Custom intro and win/lose poses (the custom intro you see in the above shot is courtesy of my talented friend and ScruffyDragon forum regular and contest winner, Amon-Ra)
  • More defensive stance animation
  • The Plasma Sphere special will behave differently: instead of holding the opponent in place, it'll draw them closer to Hal for a follow-up attack
  • I may alter/replace one of the hypers, too. Not sure yet.

Next up, yellow!


Very very cool to see progress! :D
Don't sweat the "smart palette" Having custom intros and attacks is a really great addition.
Good job so far!
It seems like the best char ever!!! =)
Plz, keep working for us !!! ^^

cheers from Chile, bye!
Thanks, guys. Really trying to pay homage to the awesome work Geoff Johns and his partners are doing to the GL mythos! :)
he should summon certain lanterns at certain energy levels, such as glomulus or blume
@Anon: It seems like construct helper lanterns are pretty much a prerequisite with this spectrum, doesn't it? But instead of glomulus/blume/etc, which are all Larfleeze's lanterns, it should be the ones Hal created in his fight against him: Kyle, Guy, John, and Alan. Maybe Kilowog for good measure.

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