Hal as Red Lantern

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Red Lantern Hal Jordan
Hal as a red lantern, fighting Sinestro

Here's the first of several palette ideas I've had for our Hal Jordan character in honor of the just-launched Blackest Night crossover. No download yet, as I'm working on a rather complicated "smart palette" to enable some costume alterations.Red Lantern Hal will have several changes beyond the outfit and construct colors:

  • Custom intro and win/lose poses
  • More aggressive stance animation
  • No voice samples... all moves will be accompanied by growls, grunts, and screams
  • The "Soldier of Oa" hyper will be replaced by a new move I won't reveal (yet)

More to come soon. Still busy getting settled in to our new house and new work responsibilities, plus I'm working to try and merge my blogs at my new host (more on that soon), so I'm plenty busy even when it looks like nothing much is happening. ;)


Keep up the good work!

Mugen fan from Russia
No red vomit attack?
Now that you mention it, a red vomit/blood/plasma attack should probably happen, yeah.
where can I get that?
@Anon: it's not released yet; see here for more info:
Where are the download?
No downloads for this yet, sorry if somehow that wasn't clear. You'll know the download posts when you see them. ;)

Or you can click on "characters" or "stages" in the links at the top of this page to download the stuff I have already released.
Holy Raging Vomit Batman...That is the coolest idea I've seen in some time ...Well done....
Heh, thanks. BTW, you should look here for a peek at what the actual attack is going to look like: http://buyog.com/MUGEN/2009/12/parasites-all-you-can-eat-lantern.html

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