Hal as Yellow Lantern

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan action figure
Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan, fighting John Stewart

Here's the third palette idea I've had for our Hal Jordan character to commemorate the Blackest Night crossover. I can't find a comic scan of this look, other than the old Silver Age-style Bizarro Hal, who was also called Yellow Lantern. I don't recall it happening during the Sinestro Corps War crossover last year, but maybe it did and I just can't remember. But the fact that it's one of the five action figure variants DC is selling this summer gives me a clue that maybe it's coming up as part of Blackest Night.

Anyway, as with the red palette and orange palette, Yellow Lantern Hal will have several changes beyond the outfit and construct colors:

  • Custom intro and win/lose poses
  • Replace the Buzzsaw special with (something else)
  • Replace the Knockout hyper with one based on Parallax (the fear entity, not Evil Hal)

Next up, blue!


I love how the action figure of Yellow Hal appears to be wearing a green ring.
hey buyog i think you should mix the blue lantern in with the green lantern cause in the comics if a green lantern isnt present or near by a blue lantern can only fly and have an aura they cant really fight or anything so just saying
@Justin: Haha, yeah, I didn't even notice that. But then, Sinestro rings go on the other hand... maybe he's wearing both...?

@Anon: you've read my mind... wait till you see next week's update. ;)
Buyog rocks! Somebody kick me into next week.

Mugen fan from Russia
lol thx buyog thats going to be sweet to see a fusion lantern ( i call hal the only fusion lantern in any corps) lol o names shadoku by the way so
hey buyog one last thing just asking if you ever do an update to hal can he have like a lnatern bar cause lanterns dont have infinity power so like when he runs out he can have a recharge like zvitors spiderman when he runs out of webbing just saying lol
Hal's never actually worn a Yellow Lantern costume. He used their rings to escape Qward during SCW, but his costume never changed.

He's never worn a full blue one either, his costume when he had a blue ring was half-blue, half-green.

Long story short, the action figure five-pack is lying to us all, lol.
@Anon (Shadoku?): a "lantern bar" is probably overkill, since he already has a power bar that restricts his attacks. Of course I'll need to tweak the code so that he has to stop & recharge (using taunt I suppose) to build power bar, and doesn't get any power from normal attacks. And now that I think about it, that's definitely something I want to do.

@Another Anon: thanks for the reminder about SCW, I didn't have the books to refer back to when I posted. As for the half-blue/half-green thing, yeah, wait until you see how I'm doing the blue palette, I'm trying to stay faithful to the comics; think you'll be pleased.
Hey Buyog, cool palettes! Remember: Blue + Green= 200%

When will be the skins ready to download? I can't find them, even in the Dragon. Or will you release them all together when finished?
Loving the on going "color saga". This is probably the best use of palettes I've seen for a MUGEN char, next to some very cool smart palettes I've seen in some of the other Marvel/DC chars, such as Parasite. :)
Good job!
hey just askin when do you think you will release him just askin cause i got school next week and im only gona be on during the week end so lol last year for me lol.
@Matiax: I haven't made any of the palettes available yet, because they'll all require code changes, so I'll release them all at once...

@Shadoku: ... and that release isn't gonna happen before you start school, sorry. I'm thinking maybe by the end of September, if all goes well.

@Anon: thanks; multi-mode characters are fun to code, and hopefully he'll be fun to play too.
well thats cool as long as i get him lol just askin will hal jordan have a taunt cause the first realse he never has a taunt lol o and is it cool if i make a video out of your hal jordan with zvitors john stawert lol
Yeah, the taunt is going to be the lantern recharge / oath. And sure, feel free to make a vid of him against Zvitor & will.i.am's release, it's awesome.

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