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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Okay, I've fixed the stuff I broke the other day. My web server supports PHP, and I figured that would get me most of the code reuse I wanted, even if it is duplicated on the front page and all the archive pages (there are apparently ways to get Blogger to serve up PHP )or at least PHP-friendly content) instead of HTML, but I haven't figured them out yet, so this'll have to do as a stopgap. Note that Stages and Add-ons are both PHP-ified, but Chars isn't yet, because when I do that page, I'll also need to do all of the character pages at the same time... so that's a task for another night.

Parasite using Juggernaut's powers
Earthquake special from Juggernaut
Parasite using Hulk's powers
Rudy Smash! hyper from Hulk

Oh, and Parasite's finally got a cool ground-smash anim for Juggernaut's special and Hulk's hyper, thanks to ScruffyDragon forum member GODzilla and my partner Jet the Phoenix. (thanks to both of you!) I've got almost all of the changes done to him that I wanted to make for the next v2 release candidate, so I think that'll be done and ready for download sometime next week. I also owe a new YouTube video showing off all the cool new stuff he can do; more on that soon.

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Hey, now that you fixed the "Stages" page, are you planning to do some new stages? Or link some of the stages that other people did for your chars? (Lobo's bar, LexCorp, Gamma Base and S.T.A.R. Labs)
You know, that's not a bad idea. Hmm...
Another parasite's update? thats awesome.
Hopefully this next update will make Parasite complete enough that he stops hogging my attention for a while so I can focus on Blackest Night GL and Sinestro, Mandarin, and the girls (Elektra, Marrow, and Sue Storm). Sooo much to do, so little time! :(

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