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Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is why I love having Jet the Phoenix for a partner! This past week he sent me a concept & sprites for a new intro for Parasite, which is made of 100% WIN, smothered in awesome sauce:

Parasite drooling over a 'Fishburger'

As of the RC2 release, you'll have some feedback of sorts about whether Parasite can gain a power set from an opponent, and if so, what the icon will look like. Plus it gives him a chance to drool a little over his food before he eats! ;) Plus, the code it took me to get him to recognize his opponent at the start of the round is proving to be quite helpful in tuning his AI so he doesn't go overly crazy with Feeding Time attacks. That's my kind of a WIN-WIN. :)

I also started (finally!) stubbing in the hypers for the Superman and Flash power sets; neither is ready to show yet, but they should both be done for the RC2 release (which is still coming sometime soon, but has been delayed a bit by grad school tasks this past week).


hey cant wait for second release on parasite also i got some ideas for sinestro thought u might want them lol
Sure, shoot 'em my way.
ok the first idea i had was to have sinestro make like a saw typ special like he did in green lantern first flight and supermanTAS. another idea was to have him shoot a yellow energy blast using thors lighting attack except sinestros would be yellow. the last idea was for a hyper sinestro could use. in i think it was one of the blackest night issues where sinestro went up against mongol and sinestro summoned a giant sinestro corps power battery and knocked mongol in it. you could have that except make the power battery explode lol just thoughts
Cool ideas, thanks. :)
Let me see if I got this. Rudy can actually recognize at the start of the fight if he can absorb powers from the opponent? AI-Played Parasite included? Man, you are goddamn awesome!
And what is RC2?
@Matiax: Yep. It adds a little overhead to the code, but not as much as I expected it would.

RC2 is "Release Candidate 2" for Parasite 2.0... the 12Days release was RC1.

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