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Friday, October 01, 2010

I missed posting anything here last weekend. I've been pretty focused on updating my programming site over the past few weeks, and I'm still not satisfied with it. I also virtually attended (and reported on) a big web development conference that stole a lot of the attention I would have otherwise given to MUGEN, but the good news is that it inspired me to make some long-needed updates to the coding and design of my blogs. (My recent redesign here was a first stab in that direction, but I'm not yet where I want to be)

Anyway, the upshot of all this is a bit of forewarning: I'm in the process of moving my coding blog off of Blogger and onto a lightweight blog engine I'm writing myself; if that effort goes well, I'll be migrating this blog pretty soon too. The change should be mostly transparent to those of you that follow my blog via my buyog.com domain, or if you subscribe to my updates via RSS. The big changes will be that you won't be able to follow the blog anymore via Google Friend Connect, which honestly I don't think many of you were doing anyway, and the comment system is going to be quite a bit different (hopefully easier for everyone to use, especially for that portion of my readers that don't have Google accounts -- no more need to comment as "anonymous"). Expect that to happen in the near future.

On another subject entirely: DC vs Marvel. SethZankuten and I have been talking this week about what's left to be done for Phase 1, and I found out why things this year haven't gone as quickly as he hoped: unbeknownst to any of us ScruffyDragons, he had a pretty severe accident a few months ago that has led to abbreviated work days and no small amount of physical therapy. So, yeah, MUGEN's going to take a back seat to that. That said, he's coming out the worst of it now, and together, he & I are going to drive DCvM Phase 1 through to completion. I'm not going to quote you a release date, because these things can change in a heartbeat (see above discussion about the accident), but I think the train is now back on the tracks and moving forward.

Which is good news, indeed.

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Good news!!!
Any news about your wips???
Have u got any plans about them???
Great news indeed. :)
Glad to hear Seth is ok and doing better.
Really looking forward to that Phase 1 release.
You guys have worked very hard and have come up something really amazing.
Looking forward to seeing how it will all look, been anticipating to see the new and unseen stuff since the last two trailers Seth released. :D
I didn't know that Seth was in an accident but it's good to hear that he's doing better.

It's a pain trying to balance site work with making new content. You've got a lot of projects that people are dying to see finished but you also want to get any site issues ironed out, working and looking good or else it'll bug you AND someone eventually complains. Just keep up the good work with all of it!
Thanks for the comments, guys. Next post will be more focused on my WIPs progress. :)
Glad to know how Seth is doing, and that he's doing well. I haven't seen anything from him in months. It's still amazing that you're still into making for Mugen with all the things that you have going on in life; I would've probably given up by now, but it's people like you Seth and your team that makes things happen in this world. The people that have this deep passion.

Still take your time, I'm always looking forward to what will come of this great looking project.

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